Brother To Brother Podcast

Welcome to the Brother To Brother Podcast. A podcasting experience where your host @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas come together to vent and discuss the many topics that affect our world.

Almost no topic is off limits as we gather to discuss everything from social justice to popular entertainment. From the difficulties of society to the hopes and dreams of the future. We provide the prospective of two brothers, two black men, and two international citizens who are blessed to call the wide world their home. This is the Brother To Brother Podcast

Episode 1 – Trump’s America

Episode 2 – Hypocrisy 

Episode 3 – Policing In America (No Justice/No Peace)

Episode 4 – When Racism Works In Your Favor

Episode 5 – The Black Card

Episode 6  – Brothers In Space

Episode 7 – Charlottesville

Episode 8 – White Washing & The Importance Of Diversity




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