A to Z – Are You Up For The Challenge?

When I was young I grew up in a military family that traveled the world and the country. Our family had the trailblazer spirit so we often opt to drive to our destinations so we could explore the many attractions on the way.

road trip - scooby

One way to pass the many hours on the road was the A to Z challenge. You pick a category, you define it, and then each person makes their own list (Classic Rock Songs, Children’s Books, etc). The ultimate goal is to successfully use each letter for the selected category.

So in the spirit of my youth I bring to you Tempi’s World’s A to Z Challenges. I hope you’ll enjoy these and will find the challenge worthy of your time. Feel free to enjoy the subjects and list we provide as well as  provide your own list or subjects to challenge us.

The only real question is…. 

You ready

A) 90’s Music A to Z

Exploring The Worlds Within Our Minds