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Reginald Carson aka Hiddanas is a man of mystery who has traveled to far off lands and taken part in adventures larger than most men’s minds can imagine. Born the eldest son of two military officers in Moscow, Idaho his coming was foretold by the indigenous people of the potato lands.  They say it is there that his fondness for mash potatoes was first discovered and nurtured. He is the elder sibling to Jonathan Carson aka Tempi and on numerous occasions has saved his life. On one such opportunity he caught his brother after the soil beneath his feet gave way on the edge of a cliff. He swiftly caught his brother and lifted him to safety.

Known to have a quiet demeanor he can exhibit moments of terrifying strength when forced to defend himself or others. They still speak of his legendary victory on the Island of Okinawa where he defeated the long reigning bully named Tim and the base commander’s son in another duel.

His adventures have taken him around the nation, to the old world of Europe, and the far reaches of Asia. He rode elephants in Thailand, touched the Rosetta Stone in London, and slept in Godzilla’s cave as a child in Japan. He sang in front of the Montreal Expos, witness the inauguration of the first black president first hand, and once almost shattered a glass maze with nothing but his face. He has studied in various schools including magic, philosophy, history, and sorcery (which I’ll have you know is not the same as magic). He is an avid fan of all things Sci Fi including movies, books, television, and gaming.

Reginald’s voice is one that has been described as timeless. He is known to lend his voice to the Cinema Chat Podcast from time to time. Yet, his main focus is the In My Humble Opinion Podcast (IMHO) where is the moderator for the political science and current events podcast. He graciously shares that stage with host Jennifer and Jonathan. He is a frequent contributor on Tempi’s World productions and a valuable source of wisdom for Tempi himself.

Tempi’s Personal Experience:

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I, Tempi aka Jonathan Carson, am the younger sibling to Reginald aka Hiddanas. I have been blessed to have him as an older brother and role model even though he once tried to kill me by pushing me off a three story slide. Luckily I fell on a skateboard which took the brunt of the impact. Regardless of this apparent murder attempt I learned to love and trust him. His wisdom got me to the wedding where I met the love of my life who would become my wife. His job allowed me to continue to see her and to eventually move up north to Boston with her. He was my best man, he is my best friend, and continues to be a role model worthy of praise. He is a quiet storm of strength, a lover of animals, and gentlemen in the realest sense of the word. He shares music, movies, and visions of the world. Without his instruction and guidance Tempi’s World wouldn’t exist. I truly owe a great deal to the phenomenon that is Hiddanas.

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reggie sushi

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