Rob Sonic Aka Bobby Freedom

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Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom is a creative force who has been making waves in the music business for quite some time. He may have been born in Washington, D.C and but he’s a Bronx boy through and through. If you roam his old neighborhood the Whales will tell you that Bobby from block don’t got rocks he got Alps. He is said to be a fan of such artists such as The Beatles, Run DMC, Talking Heads, Led Zeppelin, Public Enemy, Muddy Waters, and The Clash according to Wikipedia.

Rob first gained fame as the front for the group Sonic Sum. Their debut album would gain them rave reviews both domestically and internationally. He has released multiple solo albums including his latest piece of work “Alice in the Thunderdome” which includes many hits including the Tempi’s World favorite Pep Rally. He has also worked with many artist throughout his career. He combines with rapper Aesop Rock and DJ Big Wiz to form the group Hail Mary Mallon. Their second release Bestiary includes hits such as Dollywood, The Soup, and Kiln.

Tempi’s Personal Experience:

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I witnessed the greatness that is Hail Mary Mallon in February of 2015 at the Paradise Rock Club. I was already a fan of Aesop Rock and was quite familiar with his work. I even recognized Rob Sonic from his contributions to the None Shall Pass album. I only began to acclimate myself to their Hail Mary Mallon work a few days prior to the show. I was immediately hooked by their lyrical mastery and their world building imagery. The show would end up being the best concert I saw all year and I saw 33 in 2015. Bestiary would become the soundtrack of my 2015, Alice in the Thunderdome became my new addiction, and Rob Sonic got another fan for life.

The official determination of Tempi’s World is that everyone should experience Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom if they get the opportunity. Check out his videos, grab his music, and see him in concert (solo or part of Hail Mary Mallon). Word is that a third album is in the works so you can be sure more hits are in our future.

Tempi’s World Suggestions:

Favorite Solo Song – Pep Rally – Rob Sonic: Alice in the Thunderdome

Favorite Combo Song – Whales – Hail Mary Mallon: Bestiary

Favorite Party Song – The Red List – Hail Mary Mallon: Bestiary

Favorite Dance Song – Breakdance Beach – Hail Mary Mallon: Are You Going To Eat That

Favorite Billy Badass Track – Jesus Christ Super Tramp – Rob Sonic: Alice in the Thunderdome

Celebrity Questions Answered:

  1. If you could have one superpower what would it be and how would you use it (selfless vs selfish)?
  2. If you could see one artist play a full album which artist and what album?
  3. If you could witness one historic event what would it be?
  4. If you could win one sporting event what would it be?
  5. What would your last meal (include appetizer, main course, and dessert)


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