Brother To Brother – Episode 11 – Politics & Protest In Sports

On the 11th Episode of the Brother to Brother Podcast we discuss the topic of Politics & Protest In Sports.

With the growing debate concerning the protest sweeping the NFL and sports at large we thought it was best to examine protest in sports. We discuss the historic nature of protest in sports in America. and we examine the actual issue behind the current protest.

We take a look at the different ways protest has been viewed in different sports and when done by people of different backgrounds (race, religion, or gender).  We also delve into the impact the protests have had on the NFL, on the way fans interact with each other, and the potential of a boycott against the NFL.

From the President’s words to the reaction of the NFL as a league we have an opinion on just about everything. We also get into some Cop Watch & discuss the many things going on In The News.

There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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