Brother To Brother – Episode 10 – Time To Eat Crow

On the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss those in our society and circle who need to eat crow. To eat crow is to have to admit you were wrong after taking a hard stance. This episode we serve crow to many people. But first…..


We open the show with some highlights of our trip to Oktoberfesta in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We quickly cover some of the latest new, we have a Cop Watch verdict update, and we nominate another Hero and Asshat of the year.

Then we discuss those around us who need to eat some crow. After only a few months of the Trump presidency many around us are forced to eat some of the words they once spoke and admit how wrong they were. From overconfident liberals to conservatives who hoped he’d be more presidential once he got into office. No one is spared and no punches are pulled.

We end the show with another segment of “Ask A Black Guy” where we get into the pressures of dating. So join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas as they discuss the regrets of some many people.

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