Brother To Brother – Episode 8 – White Washing & The Importance Of Diversity

On the 8th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss the ever present topic of White Washing in cinema and the importance of Diversity.


But first we discuss how our weeks went and debate the failure that is Alien Covenant. We also compete to nominate our second contender for Asshole of the Year and Reggie aka Hiddanas delivers a whopper while John aka Tempiwmf delivers an annual competitor. From there we get right into the main topic of White Washing.

We discuss the history behind the white washing, we discuss the importance of those who speak out against it, and we debate why it continues to happen. We also discuss the social importance of diversity, the impact it has on us personally, and success of franchises which make diversity a priority versus those who don’t.

We end the show with our lighthearted segment “Whatcha You Talkin About Willis” where we discuss the #WhereWasObama phenomenon. All of this and more on the latest episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast.

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