Brother To Brother – Episode 6 – Brothers In Space

On the sixth episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss Brothers In Space!!! In this episode we springboard into the pool of greatness that is Sci Fi to discuss Star Wars, Star Trek, and a myriad of other amazing pieces of art.

Both Reggie aka Hiddanas and I are long time fanatics of the genre of Science Fiction. From books to television and film we have feasted upon the genre our entire life. We take our lifelong passion, we discuss the figures that inspired our love for the category, and the ways it’s involved into one of the most diverse genres in society.

We explore how Science Fiction approaches the issue of race, how it still struggles in some ways but also how it allows for the depiction of a more beautiful future. So take a step into the future with us, travel around the universe, and sign on board to the SS Brother to Brother as we become Brothers In Space.

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