Tempi’s World – Episode 17 – Parallel Universes

On the 17th episode of Tempi’s World we dive deep into Parallel Universes. Universes where up is down, night is day, and Trump isn’t President.

We leave no stone unturned as we discuss the Multiverse, Bubble Universes, and even Time Travel. We examine if it’s possible that multiple universes exist, what that would mean for individuals, and what role god would play in creating such a universal setup.

Lastly we discuss our top 5 Parallel Universe things. This includes how some shows get it right (Star Trek), how some forms get it perfect (Sliders), and how we may all be part of colliding universes melding together to become one (aka the Mandela Effect).

So join me @Tempiwmf and frequent guest @Hiddanas as we discuss all the possibilities that exist in a Parallel Universe. Discover if you’re from Earth 1 or 2. Answer our listener question (see below) and open your mind to the many possibilities that lie within Tempi’s World.

Listener Question – If you could travel to parallel universes knowing that you only had a 40% chance of survival would you take the risk?

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