Brother To Brother – Episode 1 – Trump’s America

Welcome to the new listening experience that is the Brother To Brother Podcast.  A podcast where two brothers join together to vent, discuss, and debate the topics that shape our world. In this environment we’re able to  openly discuss the many struggles and successes of our lives.

On our first episode we quickly discuss why we’re doing this podcast and what it’s like to live in Trump’s America. We delve into the strangeness of his actions, the ignorance of his administration, and the general disbelief that follows his actions.

Other show highlights include:

  • @Hiddanas supporting a prom invite poster that had some historically troubling description
  • @Tempiwmf supports the police & actions they took against some neighborhood kids
  • The discussion of race related false accusations of rape.

We hope that this podcast provides something for all of our listeners and also hope that it’s as therapeutic as it is entertaining.


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