Tempi’s World – Episode 16 – If I Was President

On the 16th episode of Tempi’s World we discuss Leadership and trials and tribulations that comes with it. Leaders are the people we look to in times of trouble, strife, and challenge. These individuals can inspire greatness, courage, and bravery in others who might never find it within them. These leaders can also lead followers to their doom with bad decision making, poor character, and a lack of moral foundation.

On this episode I’m joined by Reggie aka Hiddanas who seeks to answer the tough questions surrounding leadership. We’ll examine what qualities makes a good versus a bad leader, what elements are necessary for a leader to succeed, and the habits we love or despise in leaders both real and fictional.

Additionally we examine the world if we were president or leaders of men. We dive into what changes we would make to our nation, what direction we would drive society, and we figure out who is better suited for leadership. So without further ado I give you Tempi’s World

Listener Question – If you were given the power to unite the people of Earth under your leadership what type of leader and government would you have?

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