Tempi’s World – Episode 15 – Guilty Pleasures

On the 15th episode of Tempi’s World we discuss Guilty Pleasures and the uniqueness that creates them.  

Joining me on this episode are my co-host from the In My Humble Opinion podcast (IMHO) Reggie aka @Hiddanas and Jennifer aka @Gravel_Itsulf. We travel through our youth, adolescents, and adulthood to discover the guilty pleasures we developed, lost, and witnessed.  All of these discoveries may help us realize that some Guilty Pleasures are more tasty than others

We talk about our shared love of bad television and even worst movies (Ghost Rider anyone). We also discuss our united appreciation for such masterful cinema as Resident Evil and Underworld. We get a little vulnerable too and if you listen carefully you’ll possibly hear a  taboo guilty pleasure for each guest and a few from the host.

So pop your favorite guilty pleasure into your spotify list, your cd, cassette deck, or whatever you use for music. This host here will be picking Enrique. Either way find a way to join us as we open up to the world and display a few of our Guilty Pleasures.

Listener Question – What are some of your favorite Guilty Pleasures?

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