Tempi’s World – Episode 14 – 2016 Goodbye & Good Riddance

2016 was a year of great change, great loss, and for many great disappointment. Yet despite it all we survived 2016 and are here to tell our tales from it. We pop a bottle to discuss the good, the bad, and the ugly of 2016.

Joining me on this episode, the last of 2016, is my brother Reggie also know as Hiddanas. He joins me to discuss the big stories of 2016 including the victory of Donald Trump, the craziness of Brexit, and the the legends lost to death.  We also discuss the shifts in society, politics, and world affairs. We also talk about the greatest disappointment of all in 2016….Batman vs Superman. Seriously how bad was Lex Luthor.

But it wasn’t all doom and gloom in 2016. There were moments of great accomplishment and achievement. We discuss the success of the Olympics in Brazil and the many amazing stories that grew out of the competition. We discuss our favorite personal moments, the places we traveled to, and the unique adventures we had.  Reggie talks about being in a riot and what pissed him off the most about it all. All and all there was a lot of magic that happened in 2016.

Lastly we list our favorite things of the 2016. We discuss our favorite movies like Rogue One and some of the worst movies like Independence Day Resurgence. We discuss the favorite artist we discovered and the ones we continue to be dedicated to Open Mike Eagle anyone. We also look at the top 5 moments of 2016. We even give a glimpse into the top 5 things we want to do in the 2017 (Tattoo anyone?).

So raise a glass with us as we review 2016 and celebrate the new year that is 2017.

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