Tempi’s World – Episode 13 – All Things Music

After a long break Tempi’s World is back with a new episode. This is the first in a series of discussions on a topic that is near and dear to me. A topic that touches us all…Music.


Joining me to crack this subject open is my brother and faithful hype man Reggie aka Hiddanas. We have returned to groove your socks off.


Together we discuss what gives us our deep love of music, the styles of music that have captured our hearts, and the forms of music that we’d love to erase forever. We look back in our past to discuss our first concert, our first musical purchases, and the shows we’ve seen. We even dive into guilt pleasures like Ace of Base and Nickelback (Yikes). Some of us are embarrassed while others are a bit more proud of their hidden favorites.

Some might even say unapologetic right Hiddanas?


We get creative as we discuss what music would best fit the magical, frightening, and fun scenarios that often rattle about in our heads. Whether it’s deciding our intro music into a boxing fight or our intro music to heaven we have something fun for everyone.

You could say we really break it down.


Finally we finish up by discussing our top ten artist & groups of all time. Watch as Hiddanas and I attempt to build and then justify our list. Who made it, who is threatening to break, and who gets honorable mentions honors. This and so much more on this new episode of Tempi’s World.


Listener Question:

Who makes up your top 5 (or top 10 if you’re feeling generous). The best answers will be read on the next episode and proper recognition given.  Leave your answers in the comments section or email tempiwmf@gmail.com



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