Tempi’s World – Episode 12 – World Crisis & The Space Ark


On the twelfth episode of Tempi’s World we discuss the world’s response to a crisis that threatens all of humanity. A threat that will force us to band together or perish together. How will the nations of the world cooperate. How will the species react to the news of impending doom. All these questions and more will be answered.


Joining for this special crisis is the Grand Chancellor of Tempi’s World Reginald aka Hiddanas. With his assistance we’ll build a Space Ark. A vessel or fleet of ships capable of saving a great portion of our people and the culture we have cultivated over many millennium.  The Space Ark is Tempi’s World’s best hope for salvation and survival.


So join us as we discuss the qualifications for becoming eligible for the Space Ark, we elaborate on which important portions of our cultural history will be saved, and we talk about the struggles of insuring we have a healthy diversity for our future civilization.  Will we be able to save the animals, will we sacrifice people to bring cultural artifacts, and will any food be left on the planet (goodbye recipe for Monkey Brains).


Decide for yourself if you’d rather be on the ship of the President Tempi  with his awesome collection of authors, musicians, and actors. Or see  if you’d rather take your chances with the Grand Chancellor choices (I hope you like the Beatles). Either way the biggest thing is to make it on board.


Listen to the end for your own opportunity to answer the listener question. You can email your responses tempiwmf@gmail.com or you can always leave a comment below. If you’re lucky you’ll be joining us on our mission to salvation. If not…well it was good.


Listener Question: What would you final day look like and what would be your special treat to indulge in while the space ark took flight. There is something for everyone on this special if not perilous  episode of Tempi’s World.

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