Tempi’s World – Episode 11 Vigilantes, Antiheroes, & Civil War (Team Cap vs Team Iron Man)

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On the 11th episode of Tempi’s World we discuss the topic of Vigilantes and Antiheroes.  We look back in our past to discover our first vigilantes and look forward to our future to discover if we would ever want them around. We  engage in the deep debate on the definition of vigilantes  and discuss if all heroes could potentially fall into that dark category.

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Join me and my guests Brent aka @XNotMalcom and Reggie aka @Hiddanas as we look into the darkness that differentiates between the Boy Scout Heroes, the average Vigilantes, and the Antiheroes. Discover Hiddanas’ first and favorite vigilante and see if you can guess the foursome who make up @XNotMalcom’s favorite heroes and vigilantes of all time.

Team Cap vs Team Iron Man

In addition to those great topics we cover the great debate of 2016. Team Cap vs Team Iron Man. If we lived in a world of heroes and vigilantes which side would we pick. Would we be pro-registration or would we be in favor a world where heroes have the freedom to defend us all. You can be the judge of which side is correct and who presented their argument the best. In the end there can only be one right choice.

Lastly we discuss our top 3 Antiheroes, top 3 Vigilantes, and even our top 3 Boy Scouts. We then approach the box where we travel to various realities to keep or eliminate vigilantes in the hopes of keeping our world safe. Who will survive and who will fall by the wayside. Only time and your input will tell.

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So patrol the intellectual streets of your mind and defend against the villainy of boredom on this special episode of Tempi’s World.  If you’re worried about being overwhelmed then follow Captain America’s lead and bring some backup. Also answer our listener question and send any emails to Tempiwmf@gmail.com or comment below.

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Listener Question – If you were the president today and had to bring superheroes into existence with the knowledge that their creation will eventually create super villains. Who would you bring into your reality as your foundation superhero.

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