Tempi’s World – Episode 10 – Free For All Grab Bag Featuring…Would You Rather And The Box (The Eraser)

Celebration - rick james

It’s Celebration – Rick James

Dave Chapelle, while portraying Rick James, said it best. It’s a celebration bitches. Tempi’s World is finally in the double digits. To celebrate the 10th episode we are going to do a grab bag style show and look back at some of our favorite podcast topics that we’ve covered over the first ten episodes.

Joining me as we dive into our grab bag of extemporaneous discussion is my faithful friend and brother Reggie aka Hiddanas, a recent by favored guest from Texas V, and joining for the first time our fellow host of In My Humble Opinion podcast Jennifer aka Gravel_Itsu. Will she be able to handle the whirlwind that is Tempi’s World’s 10th episode? How will she impress the judges

10 - burno mars

We re-examine the subject of Scary Movies to ask which scary movie villain our guest are taking into a Hunger Games style arena and which force of evil they’d train under. I ask the panel to dance with Disaster as they seek to escape from a super volcano or a city sinking due to massive earthquakes. We also delve into the all important issue of which would be worst destroying Mount Rushmore or destroying the Constitution.

No topic is off limits as we question or panel on Villains, Identity, and the Paradise…at a price. Judge us on our answers and see if any of them deserve your perfect score.

10 - kobe

Lastly we have some deep but slightly heated discussion on sacrifice (what will you give up to save humanity) and on  which threat affects people the most racism vs terrorism. All of this is a prelude to the big contest against an lost evil. We test our mettle by challenging the box. An ancient creation of doom which forces those who open it to  save one thing while banishing another to the forgotten abyss of time.

grab box

What will be kept and what will be erased from history? Will you be brave enough to listen and present up an offering to the forces of the box.

All this and so much more is discussed on the 10th episode of Tempi’s World. We hope you enjoy this episode and the others as well. Most importantly we hope that you’ll share it with family, friends, and liked minded individuals. If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions we’d love to hear from you (comment below or email Tempiwmf@gmail.com ).

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