Tempi’s World – Episode 9 – Pet Peeves, Annoyances, And Irritations

I Don’t Have Pet Peeves…I Have Whole Kernels Of Annoyance – Whoopi Goldberg

On the 9th episode of Tempi’s World we take a moment to exam the irritations, annoyances, and pet peeves that plague our lives. I’m joined by long time contributor Reggie aka Hiddanas and by two first times guest. Hailing from the North Shore of Boston is my good friend George and also joining us from the wilds of Texas is V aka Slash V

We all have those things which rub us wrong or send us into a frenzy. For some it’s nails on a chalk board and for others it’s slow drivers in the fast lane. No matter who you are we all have things that drive us mad or dance on our last nerves. How did we develop these irritations and why do we allow them to bother us so?


From the annoyance of being sat next to a baby on a ten hour flight to the irritation of sitting next to the guy who hasn’t yet discovered deodorant. We’ll examine all the things that make you want to scream. No subject will be off limits including annoying holidays, habits, and family members.

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Debate along with us as we discuss our list of top pet peeves or build your own list of irritations when we dive into a diverse array of pet peeves. Who hates loud chewers, who hates people who use checks, and who hates people who don’t reset the microwave? If you’re lucky you just might even find some solutions to your pet peeves and annoyances.


Lastly, enjoy our episodic guest question, and if you’re feeling brave send in an answer ( Tempiwmf@gmail.com ) or feel free to leave comments on this page. Either way we hope you enjoy this episode of Tempi’s World and indulge us while we debate our Pet Peeves, Annoyances, and Irritations 

Episodic Question:

If you could get rid of one pet peeve or annoyance which would you pick?

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