Tempi’s World – Can I Brother You For A Minute #2 – The Lottery & Our Wildest Dreams

I want money lots and lots of money
I want the pie in the sky
I want money lots and lots of money
So don’t be asking me why

I Wanna Be Rich – Calloway

lotto lottery win

On a special episode of Tempi’s World we ask the simple question…Can I Brother You For A Minute? I’m joined by my brother from the same mother Reggie aka Hiddanas to discuss the ups and potential downs of winning a large sum lottery.  Would we be giving or more the selfish type.

Would having “Mo Money” even change us if at all?

Rich - mo money

Join us as we as we digest what our immediate actions would be and see if you agree with our impulse buys (comics anyone). We talk about the people we would have to avoid and our charitable intentions. See if you agree with the top three things we’d do after winning hundreds of millions of dollars  and see which one of us is on the path to becoming a drug lord.

Crazier things have been done by people who found themselves with boat loads of money.

Money - Bear, Flag, Leafblower

Lastly you can decide the great debate of our time.  Decide  for yourself if Tempiwmf is being controlling for providing a safety net for his family and friends with his fictional lottery winnings. Or decide that  Hiddanas is being unreasonable for wanting all his free money up front or for being upset about receiving a safety net.

In the end we just want to know one simple question. Can I Brother You For A Minute as we discuss the lottery and our wildest dreams.Rich - I'm rich biatch

Money in the motherfucking jar. Shark fin pastry. Summers on Mars. 20 motherfuckers in a levitating car.  747 full of women & cigars. Get Money

Whales by Hail Mary Mallon


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