Tempi’s World – Episode 6 – Disasters & The End

“To Know The Brightest Day You Must Survive The Darkest Night”

Famed Pirate Lord Choco Thunda, King Of The Shimmering Seas & Dark Isles

THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW, 2004, TM & Copyright (c) 20th Century Fox Film Corp. All rights reserved.

On this sixth episode of Tempi’s World we are pleased to have regular guest Temple aka the California Kid and a new intellectual combatant Brent aka @XNotMalcom the co-host of the world famed CinemaChatPodcast. They meet with Tempi to discuss Disasters and the End.

Join us as we pick from the menu of destruction and despair that nature has prepared for us. Take a peek into our past where we confess the real losses and imagined tragic personal disasters of our youth. Consider your prowess while we discuss our particular individual sets of skills which will benefit or hamper us during the end times. And glance at the natural, man made, and seemingly unnatural disasters that may one day end it all for us (ghost army anyone).

Disaster - ghost army

Stick with us while we discuss the great disaster movies like Deep Impact, Gravity, and Outbreak. Fans of terrible disaster movies have no fear as we don’t leave you wanting. Instead we lovingly enjoy the new age classics like 2012, the Day After Tomorrow,  and the Happening (What A Twist).

Finally see if any of your favorite disasters made it into our guest personal top 3 and see if you agree with our top 5 ways the world will end.

Disaster 1

So sign up for this adventure but only if you think you have what it takes to survive.  Check out and respond to this episode’s listener question or leave us a comment.

Either way button down the hatches, get in fetal position, or bravely face Disaster and the End.

Disaster 3

Listener Question – In the event of a world wide or national disaster where would you want to start, where would you want to end, and who would you want with you?

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