Tempi’s World – Episode 5 – Villains


On the fifth episode of Tempi’s World we dive into the dark parts of the mind to examine Villains. We walk  through the Hall of Fame of Villainy to discuss the greatness of Darth Vader, the ferocious nature of the Xenomorphs (Aliens), and we celebrate the legendary status of the mighty Krakken.


Join me as I welcome back Tristan Whitehouse, Kristine Burgess, and Reggie Carson aka Hiddanas as we debate the elements that make villains different from bad guys and henchmen.


See if you agree with Hiddanas‘s position on creatures as villains. Debate Tristan’s decision to bring Condiment King into our reality. And feel free to side with Tempi or Kristine over Kanye West’s qualifications as a villain. We also provide our top three candidates for various groups (scary movie villains, cartoon or animated villains, etc) and we wrap up with our top 5.

Whether you’re a fan of the chaotic villains like the Joker or the methodical menaces like Lex Luthor there is something for everyone. After listening send in your list of favorite villains, answer the listener question, and send us any suggestions for future topics.

Do you dare to challenge the villainy of Tempi’s World Podcast? Are you brave enough to survive?

Mr Freeze

Listener Question: 

If you were a villain what would be your power, your motivation, your name, and who could bring you down (what is your weakness?

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