Tempi’s World – Episode 4 – Travel & Celebrity Corner (Guest Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom)



On the fourth episode of Tempi’s World  we discuss the ins and outs of travel.  Alongside regular contributor Reggie aka Hiddanas I am joined by new comers Kristine and Tristan of House Youngmen. Together we discuss how travel influenced our ancestors, how it has changed our view of the world, and we learn why the Philly Airport is forever on Tempi’s naughty list.

Listen in as we hear about the torture that is getting stuck in an airport for three days, learn which guest was nearly abducted by a ghostly ice cream truck in Liverpool, England, and learn what was the best thing Hiddanas ate while traveling in Thailand.

We also continue the new segment that is the Tempi’s World Celebrity Corner.  This time we are pleased to be joined by musical artist  Rob Sonic aka Bobby Freedom. He joins the show to answer five questions about various subjects from super powers to his last meal.

Is he spot on, a bit off, or coming  completely from out of left field. You’ll have to listen in to unlock this treasure chest of secrets.  You can also learn more about Rob Sonic in the Tempi’s World Celebrity Profile page

We hope you enjoy this episode on travel and we hope to hear from any listeners who might have comments or subject suggestions. So pack your bags for adventure as we explore Traveling on Tempi’s World.

tristan travel photo

Tristan W.

reggie thailand

Reggie C. aka Hiddanas 

kristine travel pc photo

Kristine B.

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