Tempi’s World – Can I Brother You For A Minute #1 Star Wars Vs. Star Trek

It’s A Tempi’s World Exclusive!!!

A new project exclusive that asks a simple question. Can I brother you for a minute. On this show we welcome people into Tempi’s club where we discuss anything and everything. On this first episode we invite my brother from the same mother Reginald aka @Hiddanas. Some know him as the co-host of In My Humble Opinion Podcast, others as a frequent contributor on Cinema Chat Podcast, and others know him for his nomadic life of a traveling adventurer. I know him as brother, friend, and nerd.

On this episode our powers combine to dive into the debate that has raged through all of Nerdom and Geek history. Star Wars vs Star Trek. Join us as we discuss the difference between being a geek vs a nerd. Become enlightened by our debate of the various aspects of each universe including characters, weapons, crafts, and more. There is something for every sci fi nerd, geek, and fan around. Come join me, @Tempi, as I sit down and ask the question of the our time.

Can I Brother You For A Minute?

Star Wars vs Star Trek 2

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