Meet Tempi

Allow myself to introduce myself

Tempi is Jonathan Carson or is Jonathan Carson Tempi?

Either way they are one in the same. Adopted into the podblog game through the tutelage of his older brother @Hiddanas, aka Reginald Carson, Tempi is a natural enigma becoming self aware. He is a military brat, a pirate, a former wizard, a brother, a husband, and so much more.

Born the second son of naval officers he traveled the world as a intellectual nomad exposed to the wonders of the wide world. With stops in Idaho, Florida, Virginia, California, Japan, and many other locations. He truly was raised in and around the world. Eventually settling in North Carolina he continued to explore the nation and the globe as a traveling singer with a professional boys choir, as a student in an advance placement school, and on into college where he trained at the prestigious Pirate finishing school East Carolina University.

He is trained in the many arts of nerd warfare specializing all things Sci Fi from literature, cinema, and of course gaming. He is versed in mythology, fantasy, and the arcane arts of wizardry. He is known to have a deep love of politics, sociology, and science. These passions are only surpassed by his love of sports, music, friends, family, and revelry.

He is married to a beautifully divine woman who is a teacher, singer, and fellow traveler. He has two dogs, Gia and Fiona, who bring great joy and adventure to his life. His passions include an unstoppable addiction to concerts and live performance, reading, fine dining, and travel. His favorite music groups include Pink Floyd, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Led Zeppelin, The Low Life, Outkast, Infectious Organisms, and the great Paul Simon. His favorite sports teams are the Green Bay Packers, the Duke Blue Devils, Manchester United FC, and of course his alma mater East Carolina University.

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