Brother To Brother – Episode 21 – Get Off My Lawn

On the 21st episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss how good kids these days have it and we politely ask them to Get Off Our Lawn!!!But first Hiddanas aka Reggie and I get together to discuss some of the craziness going on in our life. We also have a lively debate on the merits and deficits of the new Star Wars movie The Last Jedi. Hiddanas is very critical while I Tempiwmf aka John disagree with his heavy handed criticism. Who is write and who is wrong…well that’s up to you all to decide.After a brief debate we get Into The News where we discuss the continued fallout from Menghazi. We touch on more celebrity revelations, we question why some politicians are staying in office, and we discuss the disturbing violence surrounding allegations against comedian TJ Miller a favorite of Tempiwmf. After that we quickly get into our nominations for Ass Hat & Hero of the Year nominees. Finally we get into the good stuff. We, as growing old men of 34 & 35  years old, politely ask the youth of today to get the F off our lawns.

We do this by discussing the greatness of growing up as children of the 80’s and 90’s. We discuss the changes in music, film, and television that were positive (more diversity) and negative (same old stereotypical roles). We also discuss how lucky this generation doesn’t have to deal with the technology wars (blu ray or HD) or the need for skip protection on portable cd players.Yet, we’re not so jaded by time that we can’t acknowledge the many struggles that kids these days don’t have to deal with. We acknowledge that some things have gotten better like animation (Star Wars Rebels), the ability to avoid libraries due to advancements in information, and of course the glory that is GPS.We look back as only the experience can to see our glorious past while acknowledging our potential future. Are we becoming cranky old men or are we just right about how good kids have it these days.

There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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