Brother To Brother – Episode 19 – The Anti-Lexicon

On the 19th episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast we gather to discuss the Anti-Lexicon. While some dictionary folks are adding to our language we are removing words and phrases that no longer are acceptable or appropriate.Before we get into our main subject we discuss that greatness that was Hiddanas aka Reggie’s first live experience with the phenomenon that is Open Mike Eagle. He discuss the performance, the uniqueness of the crowd make up, and even surprises us by dropping some lyrics. Lastly we discuss our year end Spotify breakdown including the insane amount of hours that Tempiwmf aka John listened to and the artist who dominated our playlist of 2017. We also question why there isn’t a similar tracking device for podcast apps. Finally we get Into The News where we discuss the continued downfall of mostly male sexual abusers and we highlight some of the new members to join the Menghazi list. We also debate the potential of Alabama to elect a pedophile (spoiler alert they didn’t), we touch base to see what our Racist in Chief Donald Trump has gotten into lately, and we have a lively talk on the future of left leaning politics. Hiddanas believe the high road is important but Tempiwmf doesn’t quite agree. Who is right?Due to a week full of bad press we regretfully return with our least favorite segment Cop Watch and then briefly discuss our nominees for Ass Hat & Hero Of The War.Finally we get into our main topic which is the Anti-Lexicon. While showering before work Reg asked the question, “If we add words to our lexicon…why don’t we remove some.” With that in mind we tackle the words and phrases that should never be spoke (red light), could be problematic depending upon your audience (yellow light), and those which are good to go (green light). We give you the certified Brother to Brother podcast answers on such phrases as “in a coon’s age, call a spade a spade, porch monkeys, and spirit animals”. Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong? We leave that up to you all.With something for everyone we hope you all enjoy this very entertaining episode of the Brother to Brother podcast. Remember to Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!

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