Brother To Brother – Episode 18 – Bad Tropes & More

On the 18th episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast we discuss all the bad and ugly tropes that plague us.Before we get deep into discussion we open the show discussing the mini holiday break and review our Thanksgivings celebration. We then get Into The News where we discuss the continue fall out of Menghazi, we touch on the latest racist actions of our President, and we openly discuss the possibility of war with North Korea. But it’s not all bad news as we also discuss the accolades being showered on Tempiwmf aka John’s favorite rapper Open Mike Eagle whose latest album is getting rave reviews. We also give a shout out to Hari Kondabula for the success of his special “What About Apu”. Lastly we discuss the glory that is the Infinity War Trailer and we discuss Hiddanas aka Reggie’s super hero movie fatigue.

We then briefly discuss the Ass Hat & Hero of the Year nominees for year before diving head first into our Main Topic Bad Tropes. We discuss all of the popular hits in the catalogue of bad tropes including the lazy stereotypical tropes (weak nerd), the male savior prototype (great wall anyone), and the powerless female in need of rescue.We also discuss the areas where change is being made. In particular we looked at the new depiction of strong female leads and growing awareness concerning ethnic centric stereotypes. We finish off by looking toward the future to see where more attention is needed and the types of trope changes we’d like to see in the future.Lastly we conclude the episode with another segment of Ask A Black Guy. Feel free to answer along question which was:

What was the most harmful or most impactful trope from your youth and what is the one trope you’d like to see erased?

With something for everyone we hope you all enjoy this very special episode of the Brother to Brother podcast. Remember to Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!

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