Tempi’s World – Episode 18 – The Worst

Join Us As Tempi’s World Returns!!!

On the 18th episode of Tempi’s World I return to discuss the topic of WORST!!! Bill Cosby, one of the worst hypocrites & people around, said to never challenge worst. We ignore his warnings and dive head first into the subject. Joining me, for his first time on the podcast, is the Washington Insider Ryan Clark. He graciously comes onto podcast to discuss his worst experiences.Together Ryan and I, TempiWMF, discuss some of the worst moments of our lives. We discuss the worst things we did as kids that we got away with and realize how little we did (so much for being bad boys). One the flip side of that coin we also discuss the worst punishments we received from our parents and even worst from our siblings. As younger brothers we both realize how bad older brothers can be.We then dive a bit deeper into our personal list to discuss the worst jobs we’ve had and how we were punished at them (diarrhea clean up anyone).  We are also joined by a ghost guest who helps us to discuss the worst vacation locations & experiences we’ve had. Lastly in this section we discuss all the worst things about education and schooling.We finish out the show going through some of the worst movies we’ve ever seen. Our ghost guest, who is a movie buff, tells us about the movie that made him walk out and demand his money back. Then with quickness we examine the worst of a wide variety of subjects including drinks, fast food, foreign food, and  music genres.So join me TempiWMF and my guest Ryan as  we discuss & debate all the worst things that plague us. Do you agree or disagree? Did we get it right or wrong? Feel free to send any comments, stories, or questions to me at tempiwmf@gmail.com or on twitter @TempiWMF. Also respond to the listener question if you are so brave.

Listener Question – What is the WORST thing you did as a child that your parents never found out or punished you for?

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