Brother To Brother – Episode 17 – Why Is This Still A Thing?

It’s the 17th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast and this show we’re asking the question…Why is this still a thing?Before we get into the main topic we give you some updates on stories we’ve covered in past episodes, we update the growing sexual assault list & also question how you can hate someone so much you stick a tooth brush up your butt.Then we get into the news where we nerd out about Black Panther posters and discuss some of the fears that Reggie has about folks showing up. We also get into the insult that is nominating the film Get Out as a “comedy” (quotation film) and why it’s so wrong. Lastly we discuss the pros and cons of a potential Lord of the Rings tv show & John causes a vicious nerd alert while discussing how he would make a successful Lord of the Rings show.After a two episode break we regretfully get into our least favorite segment Cop Watch. There we discuss a bad week for corrupt cops. From police planting drugs on video to cops resigning for rape there are terrible stories that need to be exposed. We then nominate our Ass Hat & Heroes of the years. Those who win this week are truly worry of their nominations.

Lastly, we discuss those things that should have been settled a long time ago. The things that make you ask “Why Is This Still A Thing”. Why are we still debating the causes of the Civil War? Why are we still debating if White Supremacy or Nazis are bad people? Hiddanas and I question this and so many other areas to see our American society is so afraid to move past the hang ups that hold us back. From inaction on sexual assault to cultural appropriation we discuss it all.We end the show with our favorite segment Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis? There we discuss a white woman in Florida who believes she is Filipino, why Blake Shelton isn’t the sexiest or nicest man alive, and we have a laugh at a group of undercover cops who got into a fist fight with each other Super Trooper style.With something for everyone we hope you all enjoy this very personal and special episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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