Brother To Brother – Episode 14 – Scary Movies

On the 14th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we join together to discuss Scary Movies!!!Before we jump into a subject that is sacred to both of us we take a few moments to talk about some of the things In The News.  We discuss the glory that is the new Black Panther and listen to Reggie aka @Hiddanas get giddy like a school girl over every aspect of it. We also talk briefly on the amaze ball movie that will be Pacific Rim 2.  We even take a moment to give John McCain props for his sick ass burn on Trump although one host isn’t so impressed. Lots of excited hand slapping. We also regrettably have to bring back the segment that we love to hate Cop Watch. We discuss the disappointment of a bad win and try to find the rainbow within the rain storm. We also nominate our latest Ass Hate & Hero of the Year candidates. Then we dive head first into Scary Movies.Together we discuss what drew us to them, the lessons we’ve learned from watching them, and the aspects of scary movies that we love & loathe. We discuss our favorite villains, our least favorite films, and @Hiddanas educates us on the treasure that is foreign horror films.  Lastly we take the time to examine our favorite scary movies of all time and the characters who  changed the way we saw the genre. We end the show with one of our favorite segments Ask A Black Guy. There we discuss the most racist Halloween costumes we remember & @Tempiwmf discuss one of the most racist costumes he’s ever seen in his life.

There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

Remember to Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!

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