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Brother To Brother – Episode 16 – Our American Experience

On the 16th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss our personal American Experience. We dive into what it has meant to have an American youth and upbringing.Before we get into the main topic we discuss a few things going In The News. We examine the continued growth of sexual accusations and the consequences of these actions. We also briefly examine how allegations of sexual assault are perceived differently in the field of entertainment versus politics. We also give a brief update on the Texas church shooting and debate if white privilege was at play in the Rand Paul assault.But it’s not all bad news…we promise. We also get pretty nerdy while discussing the new WOW aka the World of Warcraft new expansion. Reggie goes full nerd alert while filling in some history of the WOW and John attempts to join in on the fun. We also cover the new Hearthstone expansion and the aspects of the game we love and loathe. Finally before getting into our main topic we briefly discuss and decide on nominations for the Ass Hat & Hero of the year.Finally we get into our main topic which is our American Experience. Having grown up as POC with two military officers as parents our experience is quite unique when compared to most Americans. We seek to discuss the aspects of our upbringing that helped to form the people we have developed into. We discuss how the military shielded us from many things other POC grew up with and also the culture shock that we dealt with after leaving the military for civilian life in the south.We hope you’ll be patient with us as we discuss, debate, and process the milestone experiences that crafted our unique American Experience. Before we finish the show we briefly return to one of our favorite segments, What Cha Talkin Bout Willis, where we discuss the strange transformation of Sammy Sosa.With something for everyone we hope you all enjoy this very personal and special episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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Brother To Brother – Episode 15 – Yeah That Would Be Cool But….

On the 15th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we look at things at at first thought seem awesome but don’t necessarily work out depending upon who you are…. Before we get into the main topic we discuss some stories in the news. This includes an update on the Bowe Bergdahl case. Did he receive jail time or did he walk free with no punishment? We also quickly discuss the Colorado shooting & why a bunch of people with guns isn’t the best answer to mass shootings. Lastly @Hiddanas reviews the movie Marshall about the early life of civil rights lawyer and future Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall. We also get some feedback on a previous rant about female clothing in gaming and comics.We also have a busy segment of Ass Hate & Hero of the Year. For the first time ever we have a real competitive race for the Ass Hate of the Year nomination. We debate the merits of a fierce fatal four way when four candidates storm into the arena in hopes of claiming the treasured nomination. The Hero of the year nomination is a lot less dramatic but no less worthy of the honor. Did we get it right? Did we get it wrong?Lastly we discuss the things which seem cool but in reality don’t work for everyone. One main example is the idea of time travel. Time travel is always cool in theory but it would be very difficult if you’re a person of color, a woman, or any other group that has been marginalized. We also discuss how differently federal standoffs would go if black men were doing them instead of white ones (Oregon Standoff Anyone).We finish off the episode with one of our favorite segments Whatcha Talking Bout Willis. We ask what the hell Papa Johns is talking about with their anger towards the NFL protesters. Don’t miss this epic rant on pizza, protest, and charity.There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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Brother To Brother – Episode 14 – Scary Movies

On the 14th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we join together to discuss Scary Movies!!!Before we jump into a subject that is sacred to both of us we take a few moments to talk about some of the things In The News.  We discuss the glory that is the new Black Panther and listen to Reggie aka @Hiddanas get giddy like a school girl over every aspect of it. We also talk briefly on the amaze ball movie that will be Pacific Rim 2.  We even take a moment to give John McCain props for his sick ass burn on Trump although one host isn’t so impressed. Lots of excited hand slapping. We also regrettably have to bring back the segment that we love to hate Cop Watch. We discuss the disappointment of a bad win and try to find the rainbow within the rain storm. We also nominate our latest Ass Hate & Hero of the Year candidates. Then we dive head first into Scary Movies.Together we discuss what drew us to them, the lessons we’ve learned from watching them, and the aspects of scary movies that we love & loathe. We discuss our favorite villains, our least favorite films, and @Hiddanas educates us on the treasure that is foreign horror films.  Lastly we take the time to examine our favorite scary movies of all time and the characters who  changed the way we saw the genre. We end the show with one of our favorite segments Ask A Black Guy. There we discuss the most racist Halloween costumes we remember & @Tempiwmf discuss one of the most racist costumes he’s ever seen in his life.

There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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Brother To Brother – Episode 13 – The Token

On the 13th episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast we sit down to discuss Tokenism and when it’s like to be the only one of you in a situation.

First we discuss some hot topics In The News and touch on some of the highlights of the previous week.  Tempiwmf aka John expresses sadness over the lost of Aaron Rodgers and Reggie aka Hiddanas suggest more  Halloween movies as he works to complete 31 movies of Halloween.

Despite our hopes that police violence and abuse were are forced to bring back our segment Cop Watch. However, it’s not all bad as we sandwich two good stories with one unfortunate one. Hey you can’t win them all. Then we dive into our main topic. The struggles of a token. We discuss the many trials and tribulations concerning the life of a token. From being the person who has to educate everyone on past and current events to being the sole source of cultural knowledge to friends and co-workers. We also discuss the struggles to fight back against or stay away from established stereotypes of false beliefs. Lastly we provide some advice to those who might not realize what their mundane actions do to those who are minorities everywhere they go.We end the show with another segment of Whatcha Talkin Bout Willis where Reggie questions the release style of Netflix and John ponders the odds of the Packers signing Colin Kaepernick.

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Lastly we encourage everyone to Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!


Brother To Brother – Episode 12 – On Second Glance

On the 12th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we take a second glance on many things from our past to see how they hold up against the test of time.

Prior to getting into our main topic we discuss some topics in the news mainly the Las Vegas shooting and the cowardly return of white supremacist to Charlottesville. We also touch upon the passing of one of America’s greatest singers Tom Petty.

Yet it’s not all bad news as we discuss the new Star Trek series Star Trek Discovery and the long awaited release of Blade Runner 2049. We also take time to nominate our Ass Hat & Heroes of the year. Both are worthy candidates and will make the end noise at the end of the year award ceremony.

We then dive into the main topic to discuss how time has changed our views on  things we once thought amazing or terrible. We discuss the racist disaster that is often hidden or clearly displayed in Disney movies (Jim Crows anyone). We feel great remorse for the rap music of our youth and numerous stalker songs that masqueraded as love songs. We also shutter at the portrayal of women in comics and the way home making was disguised as play for women.

Yet again it’s not all bad (trust us). We also debate the progressive nature of the 80’s cartoon Brave Starr although not everyone is convinced. We also debate the strengths and faults of the Power Rangers. Lastly, as Trekkies, we discuss  the importance of Captain Catherine Janeway and Captain Benjamin Sisko on an entire generation of people.Last but certainly not least we end the show with one of our favorite segments….Ask A Black Guy. To celebrate the Halloween season we discuss our favorite scary movies and why. A little bit of sunshine, a little bit of rain, and a lot bit of knowledge is dropped on this latest episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast. As always remember….

Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!


Brother To Brother – Episode 11 – Politics & Protest In Sports

On the 11th Episode of the Brother to Brother Podcast we discuss the topic of Politics & Protest In Sports.

With the growing debate concerning the protest sweeping the NFL and sports at large we thought it was best to examine protest in sports. We discuss the historic nature of protest in sports in America. and we examine the actual issue behind the current protest.

We take a look at the different ways protest has been viewed in different sports and when done by people of different backgrounds (race, religion, or gender).  We also delve into the impact the protests have had on the NFL, on the way fans interact with each other, and the potential of a boycott against the NFL.

From the President’s words to the reaction of the NFL as a league we have an opinion on just about everything. We also get into some Cop Watch & discuss the many things going on In The News.

There is something for everyone so join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas on the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast.

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Brother To Brother – Episode 10 – Time To Eat Crow

On the latest episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss those in our society and circle who need to eat crow. To eat crow is to have to admit you were wrong after taking a hard stance. This episode we serve crow to many people. But first…..


We open the show with some highlights of our trip to Oktoberfesta in Cincinnati, Ohio.  We quickly cover some of the latest new, we have a Cop Watch verdict update, and we nominate another Hero and Asshat of the year.

Then we discuss those around us who need to eat some crow. After only a few months of the Trump presidency many around us are forced to eat some of the words they once spoke and admit how wrong they were. From overconfident liberals to conservatives who hoped he’d be more presidential once he got into office. No one is spared and no punches are pulled.

We end the show with another segment of “Ask A Black Guy” where we get into the pressures of dating. So join @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas as they discuss the regrets of some many people.

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Speak Your Truth, Tell Your Story & Stay Woke!!!

Brother To Brother – Episode 9 – How Far We’ve Come

On the 9th Episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss how far we’ve come in this nation. We live in what seems to be dark times and often it’s easy to get bogged down in the misery of today. However, when we take a step back to consider where we are it’s hard not to be encouraged at how far we’ve come. We take this episode to celebrate the progress made in our time.

Hiddanas aka Reggie and I aka Tempiwmf discuss just how far we’ve come as a nation. We, using our 30 some years of experience on this earth ,discuss the many ways our nation has changed for the better and for the worst. We look at the changes in cinema, the arts, politics, and so many other areas of interest.

We also nominate our next candidate for Asshat of the Year and catch up on our Hero of the Year nominees. Enjoy a lively rant on a certain politician who needs to go away & a learn about a new cinematic project from Get Out director Jordan Peele.

No need to wait or delay for there is something for everyone on the latest Brother To Brother podcast.

Brother To Brother – Episode 8 – White Washing & The Importance Of Diversity

On the 8th episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss the ever present topic of White Washing in cinema and the importance of Diversity.


But first we discuss how our weeks went and debate the failure that is Alien Covenant. We also compete to nominate our second contender for Asshole of the Year and Reggie aka Hiddanas delivers a whopper while John aka Tempiwmf delivers an annual competitor. From there we get right into the main topic of White Washing.

We discuss the history behind the white washing, we discuss the importance of those who speak out against it, and we debate why it continues to happen. We also discuss the social importance of diversity, the impact it has on us personally, and success of franchises which make diversity a priority versus those who don’t.

We end the show with our lighthearted segment “Whatcha You Talkin About Willis” where we discuss the #WhereWasObama phenomenon. All of this and more on the latest episode of the Brother To Brother Podcast.

Brother To Brother – Episode 7 – Charlottesville

On the 7th episode of Brother to Brother we return from an unexpected break, we discuss how the end of our summer is going, and we nominate our first contender for “Asshole Of The Year”.

We also gather to discuss the events of Charlottesville, the national response, and where it may lead us in the future.  We examine the response by other cities and the roots that created the violence in Virginia.

Lastly we end the show with our new segment “Ask A Black Guy” where we field questions from you the audience, family, and friends.  








All of this and more on the newest episode of The Brother To Brother Podcast.

Brother To Brother – Episode 6 – Brothers In Space

On the sixth episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss Brothers In Space!!! In this episode we springboard into the pool of greatness that is Sci Fi to discuss Star Wars, Star Trek, and a myriad of other amazing pieces of art.

Both Reggie aka Hiddanas and I are long time fanatics of the genre of Science Fiction. From books to television and film we have feasted upon the genre our entire life. We take our lifelong passion, we discuss the figures that inspired our love for the category, and the ways it’s involved into one of the most diverse genres in society.

We explore how Science Fiction approaches the issue of race, how it still struggles in some ways but also how it allows for the depiction of a more beautiful future. So take a step into the future with us, travel around the universe, and sign on board to the SS Brother to Brother as we become Brothers In Space.

Brother To Brother – Episode 5 – The Black Card

On our fifth episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss the Black Card. That mythical and mystical piece of property sacred to so many and a burden to so many others. It’s a thing born of shared customs, experiences, and cultural norms. Is it good? Is it bad? Only time will tell.

Join us as we discuss the Black Card

Brother To Brother – Episode 4 – When Racism Works For You

On the fourth episode of the Brother to Brother podcast we discuss when Racism works for you. As Dave Chapelle said it best. “Racism doesn’t always work for you but when it does it’s fucking sweet.” So with that in mind we discuss when racism helps a brother out. Take a peek behind the curtain to see what it’s like when good things come from racial beliefs and stereotypes.



Tempi’s World – Episode 17 – Parallel Universes

On the 17th episode of Tempi’s World we dive deep into Parallel Universes. Universes where up is down, night is day, and Trump isn’t President.

We leave no stone unturned as we discuss the Multiverse, Bubble Universes, and even Time Travel. We examine if it’s possible that multiple universes exist, what that would mean for individuals, and what role god would play in creating such a universal setup.

Lastly we discuss our top 5 Parallel Universe things. This includes how some shows get it right (Star Trek), how some forms get it perfect (Sliders), and how we may all be part of colliding universes melding together to become one (aka the Mandela Effect).

So join me @Tempiwmf and frequent guest @Hiddanas as we discuss all the possibilities that exist in a Parallel Universe. Discover if you’re from Earth 1 or 2. Answer our listener question (see below) and open your mind to the many possibilities that lie within Tempi’s World.

Listener Question – If you could travel to parallel universes knowing that you only had a 40% chance of survival would you take the risk?

Brother To Brother – Episode 3 – No Justice No Peace (Policing In America)

Welcome to the 3rd episode of the Brother to Brother podcast. A podcast where two brothers @Tempiwmf & @Hiddanas join together to vent, discuss, and debate the topics that shape our world. Part therapy part tongue in cheek and all real talk.

On this episode we discuss American justice and the issues that exist within policing. Using recent stories we examine the myth of bad apples, we discuss the historic issues surrounding injustice in policing, and debate positive solutions for the future. Are we being too critical or did we pull punches. You all will have to be the judges of that.

Other show highlights include:

  • @Hiddanas believes there is progress in policing.
  • We discuss the terrible Obamacare repeal bill passed by the GOP in the House of Representatives
  • @Hiddanas gets another hosting job on another podcast (how many is too many)

Truly there is something for everyone and make sure you stick around for the episodic rant We Shall Overcome and another Brother to Brother shout out. Listen Up & Stay Woke